Fishery Rules and Info

Here at Izaak Walton Fishery, we have well-conditioned fish of many species. Our rules are intended to keep them that way and ensure everyone can enjoy a peaceful and productive day's fishing. A lot of the following are therefore common sense, but please do read carefully and ask us if you are in any doubt:

PRICES:  ADULT: £8 CHILD: £6  (Second rod: +£1)


  • Barbless hooks only (no pinched or microbarbs).

  • All nets must be dipped before fishing, with no exceptions.

  • Keepnets only in matches (or with prior permission from fishery).

  • No dog or cat meat.

  • No balling in groundbait; use with small cage and method feeders only please.

  • All feeders and rigs must be free running.

  • No Floating pole (and all poles must have a float attached).

  • Please pick up your litter - please use bins provided.

  • No  Braided lines, hooklinks or leadcore leader.

  • Izaak Walton Fishery holds no responsibility for any accident, injury or loss whilst on site.

  • No particle baits (i.e. hemp, beans etc) to be used without prior permission.


  • All nets to be dipped

  • All usual fishery rules apply.

  • Minimum of THREE keepnets are required please:
    one for silvers and fish to 2lbs
    One for carp to 5lb
    one for carp of 5-10lbs (larger fish must be weighed and returned immediately. Assistance available for this)

  • Any net weighing over 50lbs will only get 50lbs for that net

  • Max pole lengths: Top Pool 16m/ Middle Pool 14m/ Bottom Pool 16m

  • Please respect all other anglers and competitors at all times.

  • Izaak Walton Fishery holds no responsibility for any accident, injury or loss whilst on site


A fishery with a difference...

Having taken over the fishery from 2016, our goal was to create a great fishery where everyone was welcome. This means not only keen fishermen, but families and visitors of all ages. Whether it's a day on the lakes or a cracking cream tea, we would love to see you soon!


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